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Owner of the website: Vukašin Nedeljković

Website created by: Aleksa Nedeljković and Vukašin Nedeljković

Website created 1.11.2019.

Youtube channel started on 28.11.2014.

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About the site and Youtube channel

Youtube channel "Vukašin Nedeljković" was created on 28.11.2014. and was terminated by Youtube on 23.9.2019. for alleged hate speech. On 31.10.2019. the channel has been renewed and continues to operate, and some "problematic" videos have been posted on this site. If you have any questions or suggestions send me on e-mail address listed above.

This site is designed as a kind of, primarily multimedia archive that will contain my deleted videos from Youtube, Serbian patriotic songs in MP3 format (along with the text), as well as other materials that you can access at any time, of course for free.

- Use of content:

You can download, use and post content from the site on other places on the Internet for free. If you post content elsewhere, it would be nice to quote the source so that more people can find out about this site.

- Why do ads appear on the site?

Because site maintenance costs, so advertisements compensate at least one small amount of the money invested for this purpose.

- Number of visitors:

09.03.2022. - 100.000 users

26.11.2022. - 200.000 users

Video channels

Links located here are from my channels on video platforms, but you can watch all my videos, arranged in chronological order, on the VIDEOS tab.

Youtube channel: velikasrbijaNET

Youtube channel: Vukašin Nedeljković

Odysee channel: Vukašin Nedeljković