- Vukašin Nedeljković

Truth, freedom, justice and fatherland are the highest moral values for which a person is born, lives and dies.

New cassette:


Side A:
  1. Headed by Voja
  2. Our voivode
  3. It's a long way to justice
  4. Serbia is just like that, big
  5. Onward radicals
  6. Vojislav
Side B:
  1. Vojo, Vojislav
  2. Patriots we are
  3. When the radicals win
  4. Serbian radicals
  5. Hey, voivode Seselj
  6. Šešelj's volunteers

New video:

Koridor - Army of Republic of Srpska

By the beginning of this war, we believed to them,
to our first neighbors, to the mean Croats
They were preparing their rusty knives,
and to take us Serbs back to the pits