- Vukašin Nedeljković

Truth, freedom, justice and fatherland are the highest moral values for which a person is born, lives and dies.

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Neđo sa Manjače - Grmeč is singing, Bihać is burning

The Turks from Bihać thought
that the brothers won't strike back
Grmeč is singing, Bihać is burning, the planes are flying,
Serbs only defend what is theirs, they're not threaten anyone

Category: MUSIC Duration: 3:22 Published: 12.07.2024.

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Side A:
  1. Who doesn't know what a cockade means
  2. On Manjača a grenade is being forged
  3. Hey Serbia, protect Krajina
  4. I watched from Grahovo
  5. Four alive Chetniks
Side B:
  1. Where Serbian heads fell
  2. Why didn't Croatia get married
  3. Serbs in one country
  4. Serbian Slavonia
  5. Two thousand Chetniks of Glamoč