- Vukašin Nedeljković

Truth, freedom, justice and fatherland are the highest moral values for which a person is born, lives and dies.

New cassette:


Side A:
  1. Hey Šešelj, our savior
  2. Come on Voja, now is the time
  3. My people, we need a new government
  4. Karlobag, Karlovac, Virovitica
Side B:
  1. Serbian radicals are coming to power
  2. That voivode Šešelj crush the Communists
  3. Serbia is the headquarters of Serbian radicals
  4. God, give us radicals to be in power

New video:

Koridor - Posavina march

It is heard about Posavina Brigade,
from Knin all the way to Belgrade,
it created the foundation for the Corridor
and encouraged all Serbian fighters