- Vukašin Nedeljković

Truth, freedom, justice and fatherland are the highest moral values for which a person is born, lives and dies.

New cassette:


Side A:
  1. Vukašin and Rajko
  2. We want Karađorđevići
  3. To Milorad Stegnjajić
  4. God helps, Uncle Draža
  5. Hey Strmica, you don't need the rain
Side B:
  1. Voivode Đujić is coming
  2. Hey, mother Serbia
  3. Vukovići brothers
  4. Montenegrin Iron Regiment
  5. Hey Krajina, bloody dress

New video:

Uncrushable Serbs

On Easter you gave birth to me mother,
on Easter, mother, they throw bombs,
no one will break the Serbs,
that's why they call us uncrushable