- Vukašin Nedeljković

Truth, freedom, justice and fatherland are the highest moral values for which a person is born, lives and dies.

New video:

Neđo Mitrović - Mišo goes from Pelemiš

Mišo goes from Pelemiš, to cut the Turkish heads,
because his illustrious company is not afraid of the whole world
Mišo, Mišo, glorious commander,
SAO Birač your army defends

New cassette:


Side A:
  1. Anthem of the Dinara Chetnik Division
  2. A song to Nikola Kalabić
  3. Brothers Chetniks are going through Bosnia
  4. Retkocer mountain echoes
Side B:
  1. The defense of Herzegovina
  2. Hey Mother Russia, help the Serb
  3. Mother Đurđija gave birth to four sons
  4. Republic of Srpska BiH